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December 2, 2013

Today on the Podcast:
Resurrecting the Market House

Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area is seeing a construction boom to rival the 1926 reconstruction efforts of John D. Rockefeller and W. A. R. Goodwin. podcastpicFresh on the heels of Charlton’s Coffee House and Anderson’s Armory Complex comes a new project to resurrect the Colonial Market House.

This week on the podcast, Architectural Historian Carl Lounsbury joins us to talk about the project and the history behind it. Market houses were a nexus of colonial society, linking classes, professions and races in one hungry crowd on market day.

Listen now.

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  1. Any idea where the Market House was located in Williamsburg?

  2. Mary Anne:
    Yes, the market house was located on the south side of market square to the east of the magazine. It stood to the north of the guardhouse. Our archaeologists have been engaged in investigating the site for the past few months. There may have been a brick-paved market place that extended from the building northward toward the Duke of Gloucester Street. Continuing excavations may reveal just how extensive the area was.

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