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Sheep Week

April 18, 2014

Name our lamb!

Name the Lamb

We’re asking for your help again this year to name the Colonial Williamsburg lamb. Last year, you gave us William and Mary.

It’s a new year and we have a new lamb. This woolly addition to our Leicester Longwool family needs a name.

Everything WILLIAMSBURG will bring an ewe and a lamb to the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market from 8:30 a.m. to noon on Saturday, April 19 — weather permitting. They’ll be at a booth just outside Everything WILLIAMSBURG new location at Merchants Square on Duke of Gloucester Street. Take some photos, talk with coach and livestock staff, and suggest a name for the newborn.

Watch for the announcement of the winning name on Facebook


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  1. Since this type of sheep came from George Washington we should call it George if male and Martha if female. If we have a William and Mary we must have a George and Martha.

  2. I think it should be Peyton if a male or Betty if a female. After the Randolphs since they were prominent in Williamsburg and the Independence of American.

  3. lafayette

  4. Baaaailey

  5. Daffodil

  6. Rocky if it’s a boy and Abby if it’s a girl

  7. Wythe

  8. My daughters say:


  9. George

  10. William if a male and Mary Mary if a female.

  11. George, of course, after the new Prince! (Georgette if the lamb is a girl) : )

  12. Lester or Esther :)

  13. Sweetpea

  14. Lambert or Lamberta

  15. This beautiful Easter lamb should be named Blessings!

  16. perhaps “Pippa” if it’s a girl or “George” if it’s a boy.

  17. “Ewe”nice(Eunice)…girl

  18. Benjamin or Beatrice

  19. Spring

  20. Annie

  21. Fuzzly

  22. “Snow Flake”

    Because lambs start out lovely and white and we wish they would stay that way…

  23. Anderson or Tulip

  24. Lei-Lo from your name Leicester Longwool.

  25. They should be named George and Martha.

  26. Snowball, since this little lamb was born during such a cold Spring!

  27. Willie

  28. Agnes or Inez

    Both mean “pure”

  29. John or Abigail (suggested by my 11 year old and 7 year old children)

  30. Dolly if it’s a female

  31. “Socks” !!!!! It looks like he’s wearing them, and someday his wool may become some!

  32. Cuddles

  33. Lily …………

  34. Dave (of course)


    Naaaaaan (after my wife)

  35. Lambert

  36. I would name this baby ” Journey” or “Sophie”.

  37. John Rolfe and Pocahontas

  38. Hope

  39. Daisy
    She’s white as a Montauk Daisy!

  40. Ewelally

  41. Spring…. Since they all seem to “spring” around .

  42. Add, in honor and homage to a wonderful woman from CW.

  43. Addy, I’m honor of a wonderful woman from CW

  44. If the little lamb is male, call him Tobias, (Hebrew) – Ezra 2:60 – “the Lord is good.”

    If the little lamb is female, then simply call her Sarah, (Hebrew) – Gen. 17:15 – “lady; princess; princess of the multitude.”

  45. Mr. Wythe

  46. If this lamb is a girl, her name could be Felicity. If the lamb is a boy, his name could be Benjamin.

  47. Name the lamb Virginia :)

  48. Dolly (girl) or Madison (boy)

  49. Woolsley

  50. Lovely

  51. I think the sheep should be named ARAN after the sheep from the island off the Irish coast whose wool is used to make those fabulous sweaters

  52. Timothy if male, Tammy-lamb if female

  53. How about Liberty?

  54. Auggie for George Washington’s father Augustine or Mary in honor of his mother.

  55. Felicity and Ben!

  56. Magruder.. After the General

  57. If it’s a girl, Justice, and if it’s a boy, Fredrick.

  58. Virginia or Lester

  59. I think you should call it Periwig because it looks like a powdered wig.

  60. Liberty! This lamb looks like a Liberty to me.

  61. Caleb if male
    Baby for female