An Autumn Spectaular1

An Autumn Spectaular

The deciduous denizens of Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area are no slouches when it comes to the flaming colors of a classic autumn....
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Welcome to the Reconstruction of the Market House

This week we introduce a new blog that will follow all major reconstruction projects at Colonial Williamsburg. Our first project is the...
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Changing Seasons1

Changing Seasons

Monday marked an important day in our archaeological calendar. On Friday, final samples were collected from the Wren Yard Site, and on Monday...
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The Early Music Festival: Examining Colonial Passion for Music1

The Early Music Festival: Examining Colonial Passion for Music

By Ben Swenson Thomas Jefferson expressed a common mood among 18th-century Americans when he said music was “the favorite passion of my...
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Throwback Thursday:  Bassett Hall1

Throwback Thursday: Bassett Hall

Bassett Hall, once was the Williamsburg home of John D. Rockefeller Jr. and his wife Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, is a key part of the story of the...
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