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This game has only 24 alphabet letters. Shouldn't there be 26?
The 18th-century alphabet was two letters shorter than the one we use today. The letters "J" and "U" were never inked by the founders' pens because they were not part of the early Latin alphabet. The deficit was managed by pressing two other letters into double-duty: the letter "I" was used for "J" and the "V" for "U."

What is the story behind the Hotch Potch character?
Hotch Potch first appeared on a 1782 print, created by Carrington Bowles in London, as "The Comical Hotch Potch or the Alphabet turn'd Posture-Master" and immediately gained popularity throughout London and colonial America as a way to help boys and girls learn the letters of the alphabet.

What does the randomizer card do?
The randomizer card adds an unexpected element to game play -- find one, and all of your cards will be re-shuffled.

How do I end a game in progress?
Tap the pause button, then tap the "End Game?" message that pops up on the screen.

Can I save a game and restart later on?
If you receive a push notification, calendar reminder, or tap the device's sleep button (on the top) while a game is in progress, Hotch Potch will automatically pause for you and let you resume later. If you click the device's home button (on the lower front) while a game is in progress, Hotch Potch will save the level and score of the previously completed level, and let you pick up from that point next time you start a game.

Do you have any hints for gameplay?
Use the "Fun" mode (see settings) to have a relaxing game and to practice your skills. When playing for points, use as few taps as possible in the shortest amount of time. Scoring is augmented with bonus points for any taps or time left over at the end of a level.

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