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By Karen Gonzalez

African-American interpreters in the Revolutionary City sometimes find that there’s a fine line between the past and the present.

African-American interpreters take part in a music program at the Great Hopes Plantation.

Like the time that a guest nervously told the African-American interpreters at the Powell House that her husband was bringing the … Continue Reading »

The hotbed frame has been covered since before the last snow fall and the ensuing bitter cold so it was with some trepidation that we uncovered it on Sunday morning.

Uncovering the hotbed

However, all of our apprehensions were immediately relieved as the young transplants were perfectly preserved and thriving. In spite of being kept … Continue Reading »

Colonial Williamsburg’s Archives and Records Department is charged with preserving the history of the Foundation.

Created in 1945, the department documents the administrative, business, and legal history of Colonial Williamsburg’s Restoration and the Foundation. The archival collection serves the research needs of Foundation staff, though external researchers may also use the collection.

Our interactive feature … Continue Reading »

Work on reconstructing the Market House picks up in March. While we wait for winter to take its leave, enjoy this video in which Architectural Historian Carl Lounsbury describes the sights, the smells, and the atmosphere of 18th century Market Houses.

Does the new generation of Americans have a different view of freedom and equality?

The younger generation is rebelling against tradition, refusing to do things the way their parents did. They are protesting against perceived injustices, and seemingly blind to others. The ideals of “freedom” and “equality” seem to be freighted with new meanings.

Freedom vs Equality

Those … Continue Reading »

Historical films are always part of the conversation when it comes to Academy Awards season, from All Quiet on the Western Front (Best Picture, 1930) to 12 Years a Slave (top honoree for 2013). But did you know that many movies and television programs have been filmed in Williamsburg? Test your knowledge of Colonial Williamsburg’s … Continue Reading »

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