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By Ben Swenson

Just about the time most people stumble out of bed and begin their morning routines, Elaine Shirley is zipping around the Revolutionary City in a heavy-duty golf cart laden with buckets full of breakfast.

Elaine Shirley is popular at feeding time.


Interpretation of the 18th century in the Historic Area includes the … Continue Reading »

This 1805 Gilbert Stuart portrait of Jefferson is in Colonial Williamsburgs collections. Learn more at emuseum.


Thomas Jefferson turns 272 today, and his roots run deep in Williamsburg.

Raise a glass tonight (preferably in your own Jefferson cup), and take in this talk by Jon Meacham, author of “Thomas Jefferson : The … Continue Reading »

The author and Joiner David Salisbury inspect the newly arrived Market House bell.

Just imported from England, the Williamsburg market bell! Cast at an east London foundry in late February, the market bell is made of bell metal, a bronze alloy, and measures 16 ½ inches in diameter, 14 ¾ inches from the lip … Continue Reading »

Welcome to Sheep Week, when we pause to celebrate our Leicester Longwools.


This week, we’ll be livestreaming our new lambs in the pastures.

To watch, follow us on Twitter @colonialwmsburg or bookmark this page and join us this afternoon at 5 p.m. You don’t have to have a Twitter account to watch the livestream.

Each morning, … Continue Reading »

What can you use to bathe a baby, clean your house, dye your hair, and serve at breakfast? If you’re alive in the 18th century, the answer is “alcohol.”

Professor Sarah Meacham is our guest on today’s podcast, where she talks about the research for her book, “Every Home a Distillery,” and an upcoming collaboration … Continue Reading »

 Some analytical projects yield unexpected results. This week, I thought I would share with you one of those cases.

In our collection, we have a folding camp bed that dates to c.1770-1815, and includes the frame with its original sacking.

Folding camp bed (1954-381) in the CWF collection. The bed has its original … Continue Reading »