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The first cushaws of the season have now been harvested.


Robert Beverly, who recorded observations of those fruits and vegetables known to the indigenous people before the English arrived in his seminal work The History and Present State of Virginia, first published in 1705, included this description: “Their cushaws are a kind of pompion, …

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By John Watson

Lou Dolive inventories the pipes

The first step: Inventory the pipes and determine what is missing. For this, we turned to veteran organ-pipe maker Louis Dolive.

Lou unfolded the pipes enough to line them up and take stock. Sixty-five metal pipes were missing entirely. At first, it appeared touch-and-go whether we would be …

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CHAUTAUQUA, N.Y. – Colin G. Campbell, Colonial Williamsburg’s president and chief executive officer, received the Chautauqua Institution President’s Medal, recognizing his contributions to the unique educational center’s mission of lifelong learning.

Campbell received the medal Monday. He is only the 29th recipient of the award, first issued in 1974 as the Centennial Medal to honor individuals …

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This week on the podcast, Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss drops by to talk about the modern presidency. Technology, says Beschloss, has changed the presidency in myriad ways. From photography, to radio, to television and today’s social media, presidents must react in less time and under greater public scrutiny.

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One of the 88 original buildings, the Greenhow Brick Office stands just off Market Square. It was known by legend as the “Debtor’s Prison” although it does not appear to have been built for that purpose. Evidence shows that the building was probably designed as a dwelling or a shop.

The Greenhow …

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Flax fibers

The flax has been judged sufficiently retted by the free separation of the fiber from the stem when broken.  The bundles of flax have now been taken out of the water vat and laid once again against a fence to dry. Within the week it should be ready for breaking which we …

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