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After the official judging of holiday decorations in the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area, we gathered the winners together on a ballot and asked you to pick one favorite.

And you picked the simple swag at the Taliaferro-Cole House. The combination of natural materials includes fruit  — green apples and a red pomegranate — nestled in …

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by John Watson

Two centuries of dust accumulation and the detritus of a few generations of mice had left the wind-chest congested with debris.

The bar frame, which forms air channels running under the rows of pipes, is composed of wooden components permanently glued together. Each channel has only one opening for its pallet (a valve that is …

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We have spoken over the past several weeks of kales, coleworts and endives, but I fear we would be remiss if we did not also consider that most tender member of the sallet tribe, the lettuce.

Brown Dutch lettuce

It is, without a doubt, the most indispensable of all the greens for as Mr. Stephen …

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Museum materials analysis takes a futuristic turn with the new Conservation Analytical Lab. There, conservator Kirsten Moffit can focus the rays of an x-ray fluorescence spectrometer, an infrared micro-spectrometer and a fluorescence microscope and learn secrets spaced between an object’s molecular bonds.

Moffitt describes the science of conservation in this week’s podcast. Listen now.

This has been an exciting year for Colonial Williamsburg archaeologists. In case you missed it, here are a few of the highlights. Click on the images for a better view, and for a bit of text describing the action. Happy New Year!

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By Ben Swenson

You probably expect that drinking a bottle or two of beer will change your outlook on the world for a while, but you may not know that certain libations can also carry you back in time.

In Virginia’s colonial capital, it’s possible to get a true flavor for old drinks that warmed bellies long …

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