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What are you doing to celebrate Constitution Day today? 1

What are you doing to celebrate Constitution Day today?

The nation’s founding document, the U.S. Constitution, is celebrated on September 17, and Colonial Williamsburg will again mark the occasion...
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Happy Constitution Day1

Happy Constitution Day

Today we recognize the adoption of the Constitution and welcome those who have become new U.S. citizens. How well do you know this founding...
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Connect with history1

Connect with history

We’ve just launched Colonial Williamsburg CONNECT, a feature dedicated to opening a discussion with America about what citizenship and...
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Trial by Jury: Our latest video1

Trial by Jury: Our latest video

The Constitution guarantees the right to jury trial. What does it mean for a vital democracy? Director of the Center for Jury Studies Paula...
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A Gift to the Nation1

A Gift to the Nation

From September 6-30, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation offers complimentary access to A More Perfect Union, an Electronic Field Trip about the...
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