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May 28, 2014

Tell Me a Story

By Karen Gonzalez

This weekend, the Eastern Band of Cherokee returns to the colonial capital – and the 18th century.

In “Return of the Cherokee,” a Native American delegation re-enacts what became regular visits to discuss trade agreements and negotiate boundaries.  During those visits to practice détente, the Cherokee also “favored the public with a dance….”

And they … Continue Reading »

April 18, 2014

Sheep Week, Day 5: The top 13 odd facts you didn’t know about sheep

By Toni Guagenti

Even the biggest fans of Colonial Williamsburg sheep can be mystified by their unusual habits and characteristics. In our fifth installment of our week-long Sheep Week series, you can study our list of 13 odd sheep facts and then try your hand at our quiz.

April 18, 2014

Quiz: Test your sheep knowledge

How much do you know about sheep? Take our six-question quiz and find out.

Failed miserably? Brush up on your sheep knowledge with our Sheep Week series, April 14-18, at history.org.

(Photos by Dave Doody)

Now that you know so much about sheep, wouldn’t you like to help us out?

Suggest a name for our lamb.

April 17, 2014

Sheep Week, Day 4: How teens help to preserve historic sheep breeds

By Toni Guagenti

One word that will never describe Ivory: patient.

The Leicester Longwool ewe stood in a trailer on a recent day bleating incessantly, waiting for her return journey to New Jersey from Colonial Williamsburg.

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Ivory was in town for about three months to fulfill her … Continue Reading »

April 16, 2014

Sheep Week, Day 3: A look at the Leicester’s coveted wool

By Toni Guagenti

Corkscrews, coils and waves. Leicester Longwool sheep naturally sport the locks some people dream of.

But it’s the Leicester wool that’s coveted by those who practice the arts and mysteries of spinning, weaving and dyeing, as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.

“The fiber has a high luster or shiny factor,” said Karen … Continue Reading »

April 15, 2014

Sheep Week, Day 2: All about those little lambs

 By Toni Guagenti

No. 1401 wobbles a bit on his less-than-three-day-old legs. His mother, born in 2008, stands watch nearby.

No. 1402, a few hours younger, brushes up against her mother’s  left udder, but decides she’s not quite ready to nurse.

Spring has arrived in the historic district of Colonial Williamsburg with a telltale sign: the birth … Continue Reading »