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January 9, 2014

New beginnings for the ‘History is Served’ blog

We here in Historic Foodways would like to wish all of you a great new year! Because the New Year is a time of new beginnings, we’d like to tell you about some changes we’ll be making to our blog to better meet the interests of our audience: You!

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November 25, 2013

Giving Thanks in Colonial America


Though Thanksgiving would not enjoy national holiday status until Lincoln declared it in 1863, Virginians have been finding reasons to give thanks in all seasons since the beginning. Feasts of thanks might have been staged to celebrate a marriage, a child’s arrival, or the queen’s birthday.

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October 30, 2013

From the Garden: Blanching the lettuce

Cos tied up for blanching

Hearts of Romaine

This week we are blanching the last of the Cos lettuce planted for the fall season.  This upright form of lettuce is probably named for the isle of Kos in the Aegean Sea, between Greece and Turkey and is the most ancient form of lettuce.

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September 19, 2013

From Our Kitchens: To Fry Celery

To fry Celery

Those who love tempura vegetables will find a companion in this recipe. The light coating and frying of this underused vegetable is signature to its taste.

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September 5, 2013

From Our Kitchens: To make an Amulet of Green Beans

Omelets are a good match with a great number of vegetables. However, when you combine it with green beans in a light sauce it becomes a dish for any meal.

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August 23, 2013

From Our Kitchens: To Dress Salad

Although salad is known to us year round, it was seasonal in early America and was served between the main meal and the dessert offerings, not as an appetizer.

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