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December 19, 2014

From the Garden: Of Kales and Coleworts

Now that we are experiencing nearly nightly frosts the kale, or coleworts as the ancients term it, are at their finest.

Tuscan kale

There are a number of varieties of this most useful gree,n but one in particular has garnered much attention and admiration by the modern gardener. Unfortunately it has also accumulated a surplus …

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December 15, 2014

A Thirst for History: Old Stitch Beer

This week on the podcast, Master of Historic Foodways Frank Clark details his 20-year quest to recreate the perfect 18th-century brew. Rounded in flavor, middling in alcohol content, and deep caramel in color, his “Old Stitch” reached a perfection recognized in the United States Beer Tasting Championship’s 20th annual competition.

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December 12, 2014

Have you heard these Revolutionary heroes’ stories?

Their names are sometimes footnotes in history, but many of these heroes stood shoulder to shoulder in the fight for independence with the founders of a new nation.

Some of their stories are featured on the American Heroes Channel’s broadcast “The American Revolution,” which premieres Monday, Dec. 15 at 9 p.m. You can learn more about …

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December 12, 2014

Shakespeare Comes to the Palace

By Toni Guagenti

For a brief time this holiday season, the grand ballroom at the Governor’s Palace will be transformed into a Shakespeare theater for the very first time.

Andrea Squires, who plays Maria in “Twelfth Night,” rehearses a scene with John Cauthen as Sir Toby Belch and Michael Empson as Feste.

William Shakespeare comes to …

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December 11, 2014

HERO has tools to teach the American story

By Dale Van Eck

Children today are different! But not just because they mature years earlier than children did even a couple of generations ago. Not just because of the clothes they wear or don’t wear. Not just because they dye their hair and style it differently than we did when we were that age. No, …

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December 10, 2014

From the garden: A new apprentice and a sheltering table

I am happy to announce that Emily Nelson has joined us as Garden Apprentice.  She has traveled from the far western territory known to the natives as Idaho where she completed an academic course in the Natural Sciences and now resides, with her family, in the city of Williamsburg.

Emily Nelson

We were first introduced …

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