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March 28, 2015

Living with the past

By Claire Gould

“Everyone here is white and over 50! Where are our young people? Where are our young black students? This isn’t dead, ancient history—it really wasn’t that long ago!”

There we were, sitting in a classroom at Virginia Commonwealth University, a diverse institution in a diverse city, and this speaker at the Virginia Forum was right. … Continue Reading »

March 27, 2015

An unconventional woman of Williamsburg

By Bill Sullivan

A dashing young soldier comes to town, flush with victory in battle.

A young woman succumbs to his charms. He leaves. She has his child.

It’s a plot that seems to be borrowed from a romance novel, but it happened in Williamsburg in the months after the Yorktown victory that signaled the end of … Continue Reading »

March 27, 2015

Earning the public trust



What do we expect from our public officials? What should we expect?

In this imagined conversation, Thomas Jefferson and Martha Washington discuss their beliefs about integrity and leading by example.

Are we living up to theirs?

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March 27, 2015

Happy Birthday, Justice O’Connor!


This week distinguished former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor turned 85. In addition to being the first woman appointed to the court, Justice O’Connor became a crucial swing vote during her 25-year tenure.

A 2007 visit to Williamsburg.

But not to be overlooked is the significant contribution she has made to our civic life in … Continue Reading »

March 25, 2015

From the Garden: A Spring Hotbed

We gathered the dung for the second hotbed over the last week, throwing it up in a pile to heat and after a single turning it proved so abundantly steamy we were able to load the hotbed just four days later.

Loading the hotbed

Once the temperature in the hotbed settled at approximately 110n degrees … Continue Reading »

March 23, 2015

Spy Game Returns with ‘RevQuest: The King’s Advance’

Trust no one. Be prepared for anything.

The fate of the Revolution is in your hands.

Will you accept the challenge?

The fifth season of our spy game begins this week, and you can begin the adventure online. Clues, ciphers, invisible ink — it’s all part of your toolbox as a Patriot spy.

This year “RevQuest: The King’s Advance” … Continue Reading »